I7 920 oc 3.2-3.5ghz?

hi guys
i'm new to overclocking, done nothing like this before. i am planning to overclock my i7 920 cpu to 3.2-3.5ghz. any suggestions on how?

i7 920
asus p6t
corsair 3gb CM3x1g1600c9
galaxy gtx 275
(forgot what fan was it, not stock)
corsair 650watt psu
windows xp home 32-bit
additional: case is coolermaster Haf 922

plz help, thanks.
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  1. crank the Vcore voltage to 5V, that should auto-overclock your pc

    or try, i dunno, googling OR searching in the forums 5mins before posting
  2. ...i did that, more than 5 mins...about 6 times more than that.
  3. just up the bclk(base clock) to 170 so 170*20=3400 also you did not mention your cpu cooler
    the stock cooler can hold 3.2-3.5ghz easy but you might think for going aftermarket heatsinks.
  4. If you're trying 3.2Ghz or little more, chances are that you can do it with no Vcore voltage changes. Your system should run cooler, then.
    Anyway, go for an aftermarket heatsink. Intel's suck event at stock.
  5. thanks guys, just a's actually an aftermarket cooler, but i just forgot which one, i think it's from xigmatek (something similar)
    once again thanks.
  6. yeah, and if you intend to overclock it even more, and use the full power of your system. is recommended to get a good PSU 800~+ . Not saying that yours is bad, im just stating...
  7. @jeyd02: thanks for the advice, but if i only want to oc it to 3.4 or 3.5, 650 is enough yea?

    p.s. maybe 3.33ghz
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    yeah is good enough. and good luck on your overclocking. just make sure that you use the lest amount of voltages.
  9. thanks you all.
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