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Hello, i am using a software to back-up files when i saw an error due to lack of space in my HDD external hard drive i stopped my back-up and delete some files. An error occur while i'm deleting, it says " cannot delete due to unspecified path" ... It kept occurring so i decided to remove my hard drive but can't seem to and another error pops up "encountered an error E:\\ cannot save data". I manually unplug the cable and when i plug it again it cannot be detected, either in My computer or disk management. Could anyone tell me what just happen? can my external work again?
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  1. All i can say is that if you unplugged anything while the computer was on and without pressing the "disconnect hardware safely" thing (yea the one that no one really cares about), especially the internal hdd, its probably a little messed up. If you plugged it back in while the computer was on (this time just the internal ssd) then it is definitely fried. It is very hard to understand what exactly happened. You should always be patient when copying/deleting files. Wait for things to finish up before deleting stuff, i mean dont start deleting when the command for stopping the copy hasn't been fully executed.

    Another thing is that external hdd's are known for failing much more than internal hdd's. It's kind of ironic that people use them for back up when they aren't even half as good (and they're more expensive) than an internal hdd.

    Anyway, if you unplugged the external while things were still spinning, you probably damaged it. Try restarting, plugging it back in, or try to take the actaully hdd out of the external and plug it directly into the mobo.
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