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i have my beloved 8500 running at 3.8 right now with stock voltage 1.25. however, i can run it all the way up to 4.5 if i choose to. my question to you guys is just how much exactly would this shorten the life of the cpu? i keep hearing conflicting stories. some guys say overclock the funk out of it because the mobo will go out LONG before the cpu will. others say the cpu will die in a couple years. some people say the mobo will die sooner from increasing the voltage to the cpu. which is correct?!??! lol. i know intel specifications say 1.36 max vcore for the 8500 so im just curious. i plan on keeping this baby for another... 1 1/2 years or so. i just want to make sure my mobo is not going to explode in the mean time (im serious about that lol).

honestly guys i know there are so many variables in place. what are your thoughts?
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  1. Its not as simple as just saying part A will out last part B, and overclocking will shorten the life by X amount.

    As with anything, overclocking comes with a risk, here it is shortening the life span of the component you overclock, or damaging it if you make a mistake.
    In reality, if you have good cooling and keep the voltage in tolerance, that risk is deduced. Chances are it will run at 4.5Ghz just fine for 10 years.
    You'll have your 1-1/2 years out of it just fine as long as you do your home work.
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