How to clone HD to new HD with multiple partitions

I have Ghost 15 with windows 7 home premimum. I am upgrading my HD on my laptop. To a bigger HD. I can create the individual images but I can not restore onto the new HD. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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  1. How big is the image you are trying to restore?Whats the reason you can't restore it? Is it because you made the backup onto the hdd that has windows 7, and once you add the new one you can't access that image file? Try moving the image onto a dvd, external hdd, usb thumb drive. Create a ghost boot disc and then load the image.If you have another computer you can network them so you can restore the image from the network..
  2. use the transfert tool provide by your new hard drive maker
  3. Thanks to all that replied. I kept it vague in hopes that someone else did this very thing with Ghost and new the trick.

    More info, I have the images on a USB drive that booting from the Ghost CD sees. I've done three restores in 3 different ways. With 3 different errors when I try to boot onto the new drive. This is a laptop so don't see how to use a transfer utility without buying other stuff. The errors I've gotten were, bootmgr not found, OS not found and blinking cursor on black screen.

    Right now I think I am going to put the old drive in and try Windows 7 backup utility. I see that it has a way to create an image and recovery disc.

  4. Did you just make a backup of the C:\ partition? or the whole drive? Windows 7 makes two partition 1 for the boot files and the other for data/program files. Try out clonezilla its free.. That's what I started using after ghost....Also winhex works really good.
  5. My laptop has 3 partitions. One for the emergency recovery, one for the OS boot drive and the last one for data that I haven't used at this point. Laptop is fairly new.

    I'll check out clonezilla and winhex. This shouldn't be this hard. I've used Macrium Reflect before, I wonder if that will work.

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