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I logged on to my desktop this morning as did my wife on her laptop and we both got the following Graphic Box warning warning on screen:

Windows Internet Explorer
(Yellow warning triangle) Stop running this script?
A script on this page is causing Internet Explorer to run slowly.
If it continues to run your computer might become unresponsive

The only way we can get rid of it is by pressing the space bar numerous times.It is obviously some kind of virues.My wife has Windows Vista and I have XP.
Please advise what I can do to get rid of this horrid little nuisance.
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  1. If it is a virus or not run and update of your anti-virus, anti-spyware and rootkit software and run a full scan. Restrict scripts through security on your browser.
    Some internet virii activate when you click on the app. running in the browser.
    Mark the website you were on and block it for future reference.
    Some pages will have script errors that will pop up, but consistently getting an error on different pages is an alert. You could turn off the script error messages if you wanted to: settings - control panel - internet options - advanced tab.
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