Windows 7 slow network copy.

Hello. I have a problem. I have Iscsi storage connected to pc with windows 2003 server, and disks in iscsi storage are shared so others can use it. This is a problem. One client comp is windows 7 and when he want copy files to shared folder , the copy speed goes down and stop on 1Mbit/sec, but if I copy files from windows xp everythin is good. What can that be.
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  1. Be descriptive; you're copying from point A to point B. What is point A and what is point B? Are both over the network, are both to the same server, are both to the same volume?

    Are you using gigabit networking, did you enable jumbo frames, are you using tagged command queueing, etc.

    Also, could you post some benchmarks, like ATTO, AS SSD, CrystalDiskMark.
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