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Wondering if someone can help me out here? I have a friend who a few years back got some spyware on her computer. It's a Dell, from what she tells me Dells' solution was to have her reinstall a new OS but keep the infected files and the comp just boots to the new OS. So she has 2 versions of XP on her hard drive... Her computer is running terrible now. Not really slow just not functioning right. Resolutions issues and her harddrive is full even tho she deleted a lot of stuff. They also told her they don't make a XP cd for her comp anymore?? WTH is that about? Anyway, if we were to obtain a new XP cd and reinstall that should wipe the drive right? Thanks for any help

I posted this in the software forum too but I'm hoping get more feedback here.
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  1. Yes, a full xp cd (not company branded like a dell cd; they usually have extra drivers and stuff one them) and a full re-format in the installation process should solve your problems. Actually you probably don't need to be careful to totally wipe the drive since you aren't trying to make data inaccesable, you are just trying to make it so it doesn't affect the new install.
  2. So, you don't have a XP install disk?

    Sounds like the hard drive needs to be repartioned as 1 large drive, formatted, and then the OS installed. All this can be done during the install. Just doing a reinstall won't wipe out anything, and may not fix any problems, but if her hard drive is will want to part/format/install.

    Good Luck in finding a XP install disk. However and you didn't here this from me you can (maybe) use the Product key from her original computer to activate that disks install, as long as they are the same version (and maybe not). (Hence, get a copy of a friends XP install disk.)

    BACK UP important files before you format, else all will be lost...forever.

    BTW: Windows XP SP2 will become unsupported after July 2010. But Windows Update will install SP3, which is then okay for a while. Unsupport just mean Microsoft wouldn't help you if you called them. Online updates will be available.

    And if it's an old Dell, Windows 7 may not run on it. It needs at least 2GHz CPU, 2GB RAM, and 40GB HDD, just to start.
  3. No, we don't have an install disk. Was planning on trying to get one from Dell. That would not do? If we were to just go to Windows 7 would the reinstall wipe her harddrive? Also, would it matter where we bought the cd? I was thinking she could just go on Newegg and pickup the windows 7 dick. assuming her specs are good.
  4. anyone else on this? Still unsure what to do.
  5. Newegg is a fine place to get windows. Yes, installing any operating system will wipe out all previous data.
    On another note, a 'few year old' dell probably won't handle win 7 that gracefully.
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