Lag and low framerate

Hi, i just bought a new PC for christmas and it runs without any problems. But when i'm playing a game that needs higher/better specs it has some severe problems with the framerate and it's almost impossible to play.
My specs are:

Abit I-G31 S-775
Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q9400 2.66GHz
4gb ddr ram kingston (using Vista 32 bit so aprox. 3,33gb)
(PoV) nVidia GeForce 9800GTX/9800 GTX+
650W Energon EPS-650 120mm
Vista Home Premium 32 bit

I usually play in the highest resolution and all video settings on max. I put them all to low to test if it was any better and well, it wasn't.

It has to be said that my old PC had a Geforce 7600GT and an Athlon 64 X2 4000+ CPU and could run a game like WoW with less lag than my new one, or a game like Need for Speed Pro Street, which also has framerate problems even with the lowest settings.
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  1. Hmm.. who did you buy it from? Did you dissable the onboard video for the G31 chipset? It should also be said that while you have a decent system many new games are not going to run well at the highest settings with max resolution. I'm assuming you got a new monitor with your new build so if your video card has to work harder than your old system to keep up with the higher resolution of your new monitor then it isn't a fair comparison.
  2. 2GB of RAM or a 64bit OS and res no lower than 1680x1050. As for Vista as a gaming platform, I am still experimenting with that but I do see a vast difference in the smoothness of framerate between XP32 and Vista32 with NFS Undercover (I haven't tried NFSPS yet).
  3. I'm pretty sure the onboard VGA settings are disabled (in the BIOS options right?), and for the other post; so you're saying it might work better if i play it in XP compatibility mode? And that i should have 2GB not 4?
  4. oh yes forgot to say that Crysis actually works quite smoothly with all settings on high and resolution at 1680x1050
  5. tested that after i started this thread
  6. hey guys i have relatively the same problem, i have an ACER TRAVELMATE 5530 that ran PERFECTLY with games like left 4 dead 2 on FULL graphics settings and resolution, and suddenly i was experiencing problems such as when i play a game it runs fine and then after a minute the fps drops very low for quite a while, and this repeats, the longer i stay on, the more consistent, here are my specs:
    CPU- amd turion x2 dual core RM-75 logical processors
    GRAPHICS- ati mobility radeon 4570
    RAM- 4GB
    MOTHERBOARD- unknown but its very good (rating 5.5)

    please any help or advice would help, toms hardware rocks :D
  7. oh by the way i have formatted TWICE, i have even taken it to a pro so pl,ease please any help will be appreciated
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