GTA iv / Crysis. Performance.

I paid about 240$ for these four parts. Mobo Cpu Ram 9800Nvidia.
Im expecting/hoping to get 20-30 frames per second on GTA iv and Crysis on High, not ultra, at 1024 and maybe 1280 0xAA.
You guys think these 4 pieces will do it also?

ASRock N61P-S AM2+/AM2 NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE Micro ATX AMD
FSB 1000mhz (hyper transport 2000 MT/s. ) ? Transfer rate, i guess. not sure just how limiting 1000mhz is.

Video Card:
MSI N9800GT-T2D512-OC V2 GeForce 9800 GT 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express
(Perhaps slightly toned down 9800gt)

Kingston HyperX 2GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066
Single chip ram. Will buy a second chip later.

AMD Athlon 64 X2 7750 Kuma 2.7GHz Socket AM2+ 95W Dual-Core black ed
66$ Cpu. Scores Greatly compared to what I have. 2.7ghz, thats gota mean something nice right? lol.
It seems intel Ghz offer more performance per ghz. but anyway.. Im hoping this chip will do well..
I though I read good things about the black editions.. and Ive seen alot of people say 5200 7200..
Im not assuming 7750 means stronger.. but I would hope it at least plays in the same ballpark...


I posted some of the statistics that worry me. I havent read up specifically, on how much front side buss will effect performance in GTA / Crysis. the Mobo has 1000MHz Hyper Transport (2000 MT/s). Anyone know how much that would gimp performance? if any? im not sure.


Anyone see anything that stands out.. that means I shouldnt expect 25-30 FPS on High Q / no AA. at medium low resolutions?

I dont care about Max.Max.Max. I just want Smoooth and Near Highest Quality.
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  1. I have a similar setup:
    I have a 6000+ that runs at 3.3Ghz, a 9800GTX, and some OCZ ram that runs at 1080Mhz.

    I asume your mobo will want to run your ram at a max of 800Mhz, I raised the fsb in order to increase it.

    The HT link can be raised, (mines about 1300Mhz), but there is really no reason to have it higher than the 1Ghz default.

    Crysis runs nicely at about 30fps, with all settings on very high.
    As for GTA IV, expect respectable performance, but my X2 seem to have a hard time.

    That GeForce 9800 GT is a decent card. You wont have any problems playing any of the latest games.
  2. I was running a x2 4600 @ 2.8 ghz with 8800gts512 1650x1080 res it would do crysis ok but gta4 was unplayable very choppy, GTA4 benchmark was at 21fps, I upgraded to a phenom II 940 and frame rate went to 55fps and is not choppy at all. GTA4 needs a good CPU. I dont think you need the Phenom X4 but I dont know if the 7750 would cut it. I here the x3 dose well.
  3. GTA IV is about the only game to benifit from more than two cores, its poor implimentation on rockstars part that it suffers so badly on anything other than a really fast dualcore (its almost mandatory to over clock them for it to run well). The bad poor gfx config options dont help much.

    I should think the X3 would perform great, the xbox360 was tri-core....
  4. To put it simply I know someone who did some testing in GTA IV, he found that a Q6600 downclocked to 2.0Ghz ran the game noticeably better than it did if he overclocked his Q6600 to 3.0Ghz and set affinity to only 2 cores. The game really wants more than 2 cores to run smoothly, I'm not sure how the X2 7750 will handle it.

    Oh and Intels 5200 and 7200 are better than AMD's 7750. They compete well at stock clocks however the Intel chips will run cooler, consume less power, and leave the 7750 behind in overclocking.
  5. Lee-m said:
    I have a similar setup:
    I have a 6000+ that runs at 3.3Ghz, a 9800GTX, and some OCZ ram that runs at 1080Mhz.

    Crysis runs nicely at about 30fps, with all settings on very high.

    a 9800GTX can run crysis on 1680x1050 veryhigh DX10 18fps. You probably use 1280x1024 cheap veryhigh DX9 and yes you will get 30fps.
  6. ty ty Fastit.
    I believe you.

    but good news. I did find this youtube video showing a 2.5ghz dual core
    showing very decent gameplay.

    Im real old school. Im not spoiled to 60 frames per second.
    give me a stable 20+ and im happy : )

    any other opinions are greatly apprecaited.
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