Whats the best video player to use for winows 7 and you tube

my videos on you tube keep freezing up on mr every time i click on a video i have windows 7 whats the best video player to download for windows 7 and make my videos play better please help thank you jd i have cricket broad band for the iner net
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  1. your going about the problem the wrong way. you dont need something to download the videos. you are not supposed to download them. half of them are copywrited and therefor illegal to download. what you need to to stop them from freezing.
    i know cricket is crap for internet. so you should first check to see if its just not able to download fast enough. simple way to do this is let the video buffer by pausing it right away. then play it. if its smooth its not the computer.
    if none of this is possible because it really freezes up on you then. try un-installing and re-installing flash, you web browser, windows.
    with win xp ive had a dozen problems with playing web based videos. a windows reinstall fixed all of them. but that was after i got tired of trying to fix it.

    plz give more details about the freeze though.
  2. i just use windows media player

    ive installed

    shark007 codecs to play files like mkv though

    if wmp fails ive got vnc player to fall back on, i perfer wmp becasue i can add things easily to a play list but there is nothing wrong with vnc

    to get youtube to run better update flash, it may be that you dont have enough ram to be able to load the videos, or it may be becasue it is an old computer
  3. I would say MPC-HC, works perfectly fine, its like utorrent of video player, very small foot print and memory usage and will play majority of formats, including .mkv
  4. OK, lets see...

    What are u using to go on internet? Internet explorer? Something else?

    Anyway, go to and run speed test of your line http://speedtest.net/ so u can see that

    u are getting enough juice:)

    and try to use Firefox or Google chrome(both are better and lihgt weighton system

    and faster than Internet explorer)

    Broadband means nothing if u have less than 5MB/s line and want to watch online videos.

    If that's what u have, don't play videos higher than 480P.

    And for the player, use VLC http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ as suggested by mcnumpty23,

    it plays 99% of video files u have and it comes with all the codec's for AVI, MP4, MKV, RM,

    M4V, VOB and others like DVD's, MT2S, WMP, MP3, MOV and more than u need. I don't

    even have installed WMP on my PC. VLC for all. If u have some file that starts with win.

    media player, stop it and right click on the video and select open with... and select Choose

    default program and than left click on VLC tab and check always use selected program.

  5. Although I am not in USA, I am on this forum long enough to know that Cricket Broadband is really bad at providing reliable wireless broadband. You have two ways of getting smooth youtube playback.

    1.) change your ISP
    2.) let the youtube video complete load before playing
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