Power up,Fans on, then 3 beeps, no display HELP?

Alright I've had this system built and have been adding and upgrading it for a few years now. Right now im running an :
-Antec 650watt
-4 Crucial Ballistix Tracer
-Maxtor 500 gig SATA HD
-GeForce 8600GTS
-AMD Phenom 9600 Agena 2.3GHz Socket AM2+
-Hauppauge TV Tuner (not sure the exact model, and don't wanna look)

Was running it all day today like always, with no problems, I decided to restart due to a problem with Windows Media Center (wasn't receiving my signal from TV card) I've had some problems in past with this but It wasn't ever majoy, but i don't believe this relates to the problem. But anyways, upon restart all I got was a blank screen, no display my fans were running, my memory (which has lights on it were flashing) and everything seemed to be getting power. I did notice at one point my Heatsink fan wasn't kicking on right away and that their was a build up of dust around that fan and inside, so i cleaned it the best i could, and the fan i running fine. ALSO, Im not sure the code to the beeps and im sure they're important but after i turn it on after about 10 seconds i get 3 beeps.

So any ideas? I burn something out? I not an expert with computers but im no virgin when it comes to computer building and troubleshooting, I just need some input. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!!!
Thank You
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  1. Well I guess I fixed it, I took out 3 sticks of Memory, pulled out my video card and put it back in, unplugged my HD, then plugged it into a different SATA slot on the MOBO, and unplugged power and IDE connectionf to one of my DVD drives cause i have two of them, which isn't really that important. Also cleaned my heatsink up a bit, all the dust inside their.

    But when the computer finally did restart i got these messages:
    1st i got--
    --- "DQS training failed on previous boot, reverted back to slower DRAM speed......PRESS F1 TO RESUME"
    I pressed F1 then i got..
    "Too many cold reset due BIOS POST. System might be incorrectly overclocked---PRESS F1 TO RESUME"

    I pressed F1-
    and it went to the windows boot screen to choose (safe mode, normal, ect.) I chose Safe Mode and it went to windows and automatically reinstalled drivers for my HD and Hauppauge TV Card, then i restarted, and it's been running fine now.
    So i don't know what was up, i haven't put my other memory sticks in yet, but i have had some problems in the past with these "Crucial Ballistix Tracer" memory.
    Still would appreciate any thoughts on this matter, thank you!!
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