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Hello, ever since I installed my new hard drive, i've had random restarts and computer crashes. Sometimes even leading to undetected mouse and keyboard or failing to start up and blue screen. Could I have done something wrong when I installed it, or is the hard drive just bad?
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  1. Could you download HDTune and check the SMART data for each harddrive you have?

    I'm particularly interested in:
    Reallocated Sector Count
    UDMA CRC Error Count
    Current Pending Sector

    Check the RAW value for each property for each drive, and report back here. That should be a good first step to analyzing your issue.
  2. Check the event viewer to see if it's logging any errors.
  3. Your SMART values look good. Do you have any more harddrives in your system? If so, check them too.
  4. It's the only hard drive connected. I don't know what the event logger is.
    I'm still getting random restarts.
  5. start-->run-->eventvwr.msc
    All system, application, and security errors are logged there. First, look at the system log, and look for red X's, with a time stamp of when your having the restarts.
  6. http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/3596/12315658.png

    That's probably the last time my computer rebooted. But how is that gonna help me?
  7. There were 2 errors right above that. See the 'atikmd' errors? Those are likely from your graphics driver. Update the the latest graphics driver, and it should take care of that.
  8. Yeah, I did forget to update drivers after installing the new hard drive. Thanks!
  9. You're welcome. Hopefully that will solve your restart problem.
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