Is intel X9100 cpu compatible with the dell studio xps motherboard???

is intel X9100 cpu compatible with the dell studio 16 xps notboook motherboard???
my studio xps 16 notebook currently is running a intel T9800 cpu at 2.93Ghz 1066MHz FSB socket P,,,the intel X9100 cpu runs at 3.06Ghz 1066MHz FSB socket P,now DELL is telling me its not possible to upgrade the processor to the X9100 and im wondering why,,id really appreciate if some one can tell me why this upgrade wouldnt be possible,,,,,THANKS ALOT
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  1. In general, notebook CPU upgrades are not possible. This is for a number of reasons, including original CPUs & coolers installed in a non-removable fashion, lack of sufficient power capacity, lack of sufficient cooling capacity, lack of BIOS support, and others.
  2. Please answer his question THANK YOU!

    Maybe yes but you must verify w/ the vendor to see if the CPU is not "Permanently Attached" - Bear in mid that if your mobo chipset Supports only 800FSB; don't buy 1066FSB CPU's because they won't work at all. Verify the Chipset first - Go to the vendors website and upgrade the lappie's BIOS and verify the TYPE of chipset - The 965 chipset (GME or P) are compatible with 800FSB CPU's only. The best CPU for the money id the T9500 2.6GHz Processor, 800MHz FSB, 6MB L2 cache, 35.0W, 45nm

    The price is EXELLENT! WAY better than NEWEGG's!

    I upgraded my Tosh P305-S8820 with this CPU works Flawless!!!
  3. Anyways your are better off w/ the proc that you are currently using! LOL!
    And the Mobile Quad are too slow at the moment. So Save your cash for a future Quad MCPU oo - Trust me
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