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Need Help. This is my first comp build. I just built my computer from start to finish and when I turn the power on the CPU Fan does not spin and there is no video signal to the monitor. Im thinking I might not have the power supply hooked up correctly. I have a 20 pin connector, but I also see a additional 8 pin connector on the motherboard. On my power supply I have an additional 6 pin yellow/black, a four pin yellow/black and another 4 pin that's multi colored. Can anyone advise which connector is supposed to be used in the eight pin or is this not a compatible power supply. Thanks sorry about newbieness but its my first build and im frustrated. Thanks in advance.
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  1. You should have a 20+4 (24) pin ATX connector and a 4 pin or 8 pin CPU ATX connector. The 4 pin yellow/black should be connected in the 8 pin connector.
  2. thanks, I was getting frustrated and once I settled down I was like DUH
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