Is this the perfect coolant? Pump lubrication?

This is a continued post from my other thread-

I am just trying to see if anyone here has had any experience in running Just distilled water and a silver coil without any additives?

Just found out something really cool. I think I am gonna use distilled water in my system. I just found out that brass, and silver are both antimicrobial. You don't need to use PT in your loop, all you need is a silver kill coil.

I just read about something called the Oligodynamic effect. Very interesting- read.

Bassically, brass and silver kill microbes naturally. So since I chose to go with a Koolance radiator, which uses brass tubes, and copper fins, and since everything else in my system is copper (stainless steel barbs?), then my system shouldn't have a problem with algae or anything growing in my system, and corrosion shouldn't be an issue since I don't have any aluminum in my system. Either way, I decided I am gonna try and run straight distilled water, with a killcoil, or strait 99.99 silver. Anyways, I decided not to go with colored or dyed coolant, as they break down in your system and cause sludge. I'm glad I went with a koolance radiator instead of an aluminum one. While it isn't the coolest solution, the brass lines should help out a lot killing algae.

I read on evga forums that someone used just distilled water and a single killcoil and has been going good for a year straight without any problems. So I think it's the cheapest, purest, way to go.

I think this is the way to go, but my only worry is pump lubrication. I am running a Swiftech MCP655 and I am wondering if it will be ok in the long term using just distilled water? Or is there an additive I should add for that? Do you think stainless steel, brass, copper will cause corrosion or only aluminum will do that? Or am I ok? Not exactly sure about the science of that..

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    A pump can run for many many years without lubrication. I have aquarium pumps that pump nothing but hard water and grime all day long. They are made of metal and plastic like the MCP 655 and it is still in working order after 15 years.

    Copper, low brasses or bronzes; silver solder, copper-nickel alloys; nickel-chromium alloys will not cause galvanic corrosion to each other.

    The most common type of stainless steel is a very noble metal and generally won't corrode unless the liquid is extremely conductive such as salt water. Otherwise no.

    Algae isn't that common. Like lubrication, it is another scam to get your money. As long you handle your stuff right. There shouldn't be any algae. The algae must first get into your system. Distilled water from the store is free from algae but most people rinse their stuff with tap water which can contain lots of stuff. I rinse all my stuff with distilled because water is so damn cheap anyway.

    As you said brass is an anti microbal metal and most radiators have brass housing. Though it won't kill all microbes, it helps. If you have UV lights, even better. Also algae doesn't survive THAT easily. The temperatures of a WC loop is great but nutrition is poor. My aquarium has a hard time growing algae because there are so many plants to compete for nutrients. Distilled water doesn't have phosphate or nitrate to grow any algae. Only if you contaminate.

    A killcoil is probably worth adding though. It is so cheap and you don't have to deal with it. I wanted one before but don't live in US. Shipping is insane.
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  3. Awsome!! Thanks. :) So that is it then. I'll run just my setup, distilled water, and silver killcoil (or another form of 99.99 silver) and see how long it will last. If I run into any problems I'll post them and try something else. If It lasts 1 year without corrosion, sludge, or bacteria or algae, then I'll post my findings. Thanks for your help. :)
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