USB disk clicking/freezing

I have an existing 500 GB ( ST305004FDD2E1-RK on box label ) external drive , and I store videos on it and they play perfectly - no clicking sounds .
I added in a brand new 2TB ( ST320005FDD2E1-RK on box label ) drive recently , there are often clicking sounds , and if it's during the playing of a video , it will freze the video for up to a few seconds .
I have a HP Pavillion dv6000 laptop with Vista 32 , 2GB memory .
I have the Seagates mounted vertically on the table , one next to the other - could this be a problem ?
Sea Tools tells me that the newer 2TB has firmware rev. cc34 , and the older 500Gb has rev. cc38 . SeaGate Manager tells me they both have firmware 10.2.F .
If this could be solved without returning the drive , i would be very happy .
The clicking/"freezing" is not on every video/file , and it appears that it may be somewhat random . At times it makes things very difficult .
Thre is also a situation of clicking with no apparent "freezing" .
I have checked for viruses , spyware , etc. , and this happens even when there are no other applications running apart from the copy of video-play etc.
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  1. Either the 2TB drive is failing or you have a model with BIOS issues. Either way you should return the drive for another one. Have you looked for SMART errors? Does Sea Tools fail any tests on that drive?
  2. Thanks Jim_L9 . When I try to do Basic Tests- SMART Check from Seatools , it tells me "Test Unavailable" .
    I've only tried "Short Drive Self Test" from Seatools , and it passes .
  3. Another interesting thing - say a video does freeze a few seconds . If I then go back 10 seconds and replay , it will go smoothly . I suspect , that this means that the tests will all pass .
  4. any time a drive starts clicking its on its way out. your best bet is to return the drive to the place your purchased it from for a exchange if its to late to do that you can send the drive back to seagate but be warned you will not receive a new drive back but a refurbished model.....

    PS Seatools does not fully work with external drives
  5. Thnaks HotRoderX .
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