Adware startnow help me to remove this adware its really u..

cannot remove startnow from my pc
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  1. have you tried antimalware antiviruses?

    worst come to worst, reformat drive, reinstall fresh
  2. I have had good luck with Spybot Search and Destroy.
  3. I got startnow hijacker on my PC, too. I just found out a manual removal instruction . I have been tired of my antivirus because it spent my much money without doing its work properly :( Hope I can manually get rid of this pesky staff.
  4. Hi, Matt

    if this is the Startnow I am thinking about, removing it should be very easy -
    after you do that, change manually the home page to the one you want and restart your computer. That should solve the problem.
    If not - go to your browser's tools/options then manage add-ons and remove the startnow toolbar add-on. Then change the home page again and restart your computer.

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