How to change RAID configuration on WD my book

I also have the same exact problem, my WD my book Studio Edition 2 is configured to RAID 1 and I can't go back to RAID 0! the capacity is 4TB and only showing active 1.8 TB, so if I have 3TB data how can I tell it'd there when on windows XP it only shows capacity is 1.8 TB?!
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  1. Two options:

    1. Backup data and start from scratch
    2. Backup data and use Norton Ghost or similar

    No explanation is necessary for Option 1.

    It is well worth considering Option 2.
    For this, you need
    1. Norton Ghost
    2. A spare HD that needs to be ghosted from your C:

    Basically you ghost your C: to the spare HD, replace your RAID 1 with RAID 0 and ghost from the spare HD back to C:
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