Firmware update on Intel SSD x25 80GB G2 cannot detect SSD

I have done a firmware Upgrade on my 2 Samsung SSD's on an Esata connector. Update completed via USB-Stick.
After that I tried the same with the Intel SSD's via Intel Boot-CD. All SSD's are showing up in the BIOS of my G51J Notebook. This time the Intel firmware update program tells me, that there is no SSD installed on the system.
What can I do?
Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Connect the SSDs to onboard SATA ports connected to your chipset.

    Then set controller mode to AHCI or IDE (i think IDE)

    then perform the firmware update

    Then set controller mode back to AHCI and boot back into Windows.
  2. Hi sub mesa

    many thanks for your quick answer.
    It seems, Intel SSD's can only be updated with an internal sata connection.
    Works like a charm. The SSD was found by the update-program.
    Nevertheless I'm surprised the Samsung update does the same on Esata with
    with the Samsung firmware-updater.
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