How to install two external hard drives laptop

how do i get windows to recognize my two external hard drives. both are two terabit fantom drives on a gateway laptop approximately 3 years old fantom drives are brand new green drives
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  1. What are they - USB? Are you trying to plug them both in at the same time? What happens when you do plug them in?
  2. Thay are usb and esata they both appear in devices and printers, however only one of them shows up in my f: drive and allows me full access to the hard disk. I think I need to mess with the settings I just dont know which ones, com ports, irq, just dont know, any help would be great thanks. Also only one shows up in my computer tab, im running windows 7 64 bit professional.
  3. Stupid question, but has the other drive been formatted?

  4. Answer to my own question, I internet searched the drives and read the online instructions FAQ. In there it suggested a few things but the one that worked was as follows. Click the start menu, right click computer, left click manage. This brings up a completely different device manager window. Continue clicking storage devices till all your drives appear. From here I figured it out on my own, the FAQ wanted me to do something with the partitions, which wasnt necessary for me because at the bottom of the sreen there was a scroll box in which both my drives appeared, use the approximate size of your drives to tell the difference. In the box there was an ! and it said offline because there was a driver signature confliction. This is what I figured all along because they are the exact same drives only one serial # apart. So I clicked it and it fixed it automatically. So to anyone else I would first say read all the insructions plus any u can find on the manufactureres website first it helped me. Also these esata drives are ridiculously faster than usb2.0 about 3 to 4 times faster from what ive test transferd
    20 gig files in 2 min. Hope this helps anyone else thanks to who replied already. Yeah I formatted the drives as soon as I gotem, mostly plug and play ready to go just a little stupid windows 7 thing i didnt know about. probably not so stupid I just didnt know, now I do!
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