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I'm looking to set up my dell poweredge 2650 I have at home with exchange to handle the mail to my domain i've purchased from godaddy. I have another server set up with Active Directory, and DNS, I'm just wondering what steps I need to take to ensure that Mail is redirected to my exchange server instead of whatever servers godaddy uses. I know I need to set up an MX record and an A record for my exchange server. Do I set those records up under my account on Godaddy, or on my own DNS server? Also, I've got a staic IP from my ISP. Any tips on how to set this up would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  1. If godaddy is resolving for you, then you need to setup the MX on godaddy, if you are resolving, then you need to setup the MX.

    Your DNS may only be working for your local LAN but not setup to resolve requests from other people on the internet.
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