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Can someone give me step-by-step instructions on how to make my title bar larger as it was before I tried to make my mouse open icons using double-click? I also need to know how to make the mouse open icons with a double-click. Thank you.
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  1. The title bar size is set by right-clicking an open area of the desktop and selecting Properties, and the Appearance tab. Click the Advanced button. Click the Active Window bar in the sample picture in the box, or click the drop-down box labeled Item and select Active Title Bar. The size becomes available to change. Size 18 is the default size but it can be set to your hearts content here. Click Ok when finished.

    Single or double clicking to launch is set in Folder Options.
    Open Windows Explorer by right-clicking the Start button and select Explore. Click Tools at the top of the windows, then Folder Options and in the General tab, there is a checkbox to switch from single or double clicking items.

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