Ssd raid 0 intel x25-m G2

Is it possible to set up a raid 0 with two intel x25-m G2, because i'v heard there are some problems with the trim.
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  1. The problems with the trim are that it doesn't work under RAID. Haven't done it myself, but I've seen advice to the effect that you need to leave 10-20% of your SSD unpartitioned so the controller can swap sectors around and keep the drive optimal.
  2. So create a 120 or 140GB C:-partition on the 2x80GB=160GB volume. Leave the unused, unpartitioned space as is and never touch it.

    Still, you may want to buy a single 160GB SSD instead. RAID0 doesn't scale nice on Windows anyway.
  3. so you don't recomand a raid 0 with the ssd.
  4. On Windows the effect is rather limited as i see other people's benchmarks. A single 160GB is alot easier and you get TRIM which is way nice.

    So in your situation, i feel a single 160GB would be a better idea; less trouble and with TRIM working.

    In my situation, FreeBSD server with 5 SSDs, the performance scales very well. With 5x Intel X25-V 40GB SSDs i got ~1250MB/s random read performance; excellent RAID0 scaling; since the individual disks do 250MB/s max.
  5. but if you could sugest a raid 0 setus what ssd would you recomand????
  6. Intel :)

    They are cheap and damn fast especially for reading and random write.

    I run 4 Intel X25-V 40GB in RAID0 on my FreeBSD server, i also have a fifth one i will give away at some point, but tested a 5-disk RAID0 with these Intel SSDs. Got ~1250MB/s random read performance which is astonishing considering the lower price. :P
  7. yes a raid 0 but only between 2 ssd's
  8. you can do raid 0 with 2, but you can also scale it. The risk of data loss grows the more drives you have (any drive failure will invalidate the entire array) but if you have a good backup (2, 3, or 10 drives) you won't have to worry.
  9. recomand 2 ssd drives for raid 0
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