Best mobo for overclocking and games

im looking for the better of the two following mobos. i want to overclock and have either sli or crossfire. i have a 9800gt and a hd 5770 depending on the mobo you recomend ill get a second card. here are the two im torn between
1. asus p5nsli
2.msi 975x platinum v.2
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  1. Unless you've already bought the other parts you might consider going with the LGA 1156 socket (Core i5 etc.) instead of the LGA 775 (Core 2 etc.)
    LGA 1156 is not really much more expensive than the older lga 775.
  2. i already have a core 2 duo 6600 i just want something that will overclock and will make use of either the 9800gt or hd 5770. right now i cant overclock with my board and i want to run dual video cards
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