Combination of RAID with Non RAID SATA drive with Gigabyte GA-EG45M DS2S

I'm setting up a new PC and the last time I have done this has been 5years ago :) I'm thinking of using a Non RAID SATA HDD for the OS and a pair of SATA HDD running RAID 1 (mirror). I keep all my important data, e.g. music, photo etc there. In my older PC, I run the OS on PATA and the the RAID 1 pair on SATA.
In the new PC I would like to run the OS on SATA instead of PATA.

Has anyone done what I proposed and could share some experience how do I do it?

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  1. Configure the ICH10R for RAID. Don't make the OS disk a member of a RAID. Set the other two drives in RAID1. If you're installing Vista, once the installation is comple, download and install the latest Intel Matrix RAID drivers.
  2. Pretty much any combination will work; I use two pairs of 150 Gb Velociraptor RAID0's for my OSs and swapfiles, a pair of WD-RE3 RAID1's for data, along with a single 1.5 Gb Seagate for image backups of my OS partitions, and they all get along just fine! I would recommend keeping the RAIDs on the Intel SATA - it's somewheres between 10-15% faster than the GB/jMicron port...
  3. I have a very similar question - I want to have a RAID5 array for data, but put the O/S on a single, faster drive, using a Gigabyte MoBo (GA-EP45-UD3P). My questions are:
    -I think only the 1CH10R will do RAID5 - is that what the other poster meant by "the Intel SATA" ?
    -In reading the MoBo manual, the sequence of installing the O/S and the RAID drivers seems unclear; If I am installing the O/S on a non-raid drive, and the RAID on the others, should I do the O/S install first before the RAID configuration?
    -If I wanted to set up a RAID1 array for the O/S, do the RAID drivers need to be installed before the O/S?

    thanks in advance
  4. 1 - For RAID5, you have no choice; you must use the ICH, as you need at least three drives, and the GSATA/jMicron only supports two;
    2 - Do the RAIDBIOS config first, then install the 'pre-load' drivers at OS install - the actual volumes the OS install will 'see' will depend on the RAID being configured and having proper drivers in...
    3 - same as above, RAIDBIOS config first, then 'pro-loads', then OS install...

    I usually recommend that everyone load both (Intel and jMicron) 'pre-load' drivers when installing the OS (any OS - Xp, Vista, 7) as then they're, well, there - and your options are open; if the drivers are in, and you aren't using RAID, there simply will be no RAID volumes, and it won't hurt anything; if you change your mind (or your budget) later, they're a real PITA to try to get loaded 'on top' of the OS

    BTW - I also highly recommend using RAID0's for the OS; I keep My OS and swaps on opposing pairs - get, roughly, 400M/S throughput for program/system loading/virtual memory management out of the set - on a nearly 4GHz system, the performance is eye-popping, especially in Win7-64!
  5. I have a similar question. I have a 1TB drive and two raptor 10,000 rpm drives that I want to use for video editing. How do I setup the 1 TB drive as a SATA non-raid drive and the other two as raid 0? Which should I put the Vista 64 ultimate OS on?


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