4850 x2 with a E8500 vs q9300?

I am planning on playing at 1600 x 1050 and before I put together a rig, I was wondering about the best processor to go with a 4850 x2. Any suggestions are welcome because I am afraid of losing substantial fps for my video card.
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  1. you will not lose substanial amount of fps on either.
  2. You can get more performance in-game with the E8500 by overclocking it, but I think games will start becoming more quad core friendly in the coming years, so the Q9300 might be better in that sense
  3. I am jsut trying to run company of heroes and Dawn of War 2 when it comes out, as best as I can. You think for these games. If I go witht he quad core, would I have to overclock it to get the most out of the cpu too?
  4. If i am not mistaken these games are not optimised for quads. IMHO take E8400, overclock it and enjoy)
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