What do you think about the thermaltake contac 29?

I'm looking for a cooler for my i5 750 that doesn't require me to remove the motherboard.I found it cheaper than the hyper 212 plus and as I read in reviews they perform closely.The alternative is the hyper tx3.Is there a reason like bad quality or performance that would stop me from getting it or is there a better similar cooler?
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  1. i use a 212 and the heatsink, fan and paste are legit, i wouldn't be able to tell you much about the contac but i'd definately go for this cooler, goto amazon, its cheapest there.
  2. Contact Pressure is the key component in optimal functioning of a CPU cooler. That's why those which allow strong pressures are the ebst performers. Unfortunately, to do this....being able to put a retention mount on the back side of the MoBo is pretty much a necessity. If you are not OC'ing that high, this shouldn't be an issue.
  3. Most good coolers require the removal of the mobo. It's a hobby and part of the process. It's not that hard to do, just takes time and a bit of 'man it is a pain, but I gotta learn this stuff'.

    Even the coolers that use the push pins can be an issue. Seen many installs where temps were bad. Asked about the pins, were they locked? They said I dunno. Asked them to remove the mobo and check. Sure enough, one or two pins weren't fully seated. Thats why removing the mobo lets you make sure.

    It's part of our life. Can't get past it.
  4. oh i never read your post about the not removing the mobo part, yeah taking it apart aint that hard, its kinda fun and gives you a good seal, you want the aftermarket part on there because the stock plates are just real thin, when you screw the sink on there, the mount's just going to compress and eat through your board so you're better off with these rather than just getting something that'll fit right on there.
  5. If you use a metal back plate, be sure to use a gasket to isolate the metal from the motherboard.
    Otherwise it could short the motherboard.
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