Dfi Lanparty p45 t2rs+E8500

So,Hi guys this is my first post here also :D.
So Iv got aftermarket fan Artic Freezer Pro Rev2.So here is the problem.I bought it for oc-ing E8500.But my problem lays in FSB.Iv folowed few guides and tryed alot of things but Im having problem breaking 400 BUS.So Iv done test on 3.8GHz.Core temperature after 3 hour is 51 C on core 1 and around 53C on core 2.I still belive that I can oclck it to 422 BUSx(9.5multipler/stock)But every time I set 401 FBS it just fails in test (OCCT).Iv tried by increasing voltage on VCore up to 1.38-0.03 and North Bridge.Everytime I got same error.Iv tryed increasing voltage with mV-s.But no effect.
So is there any other way to oclck it to 422BUS?

Thx for your time.
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  1. First of all, the ACF7P is, by today's standards, an average cooler.

    Without seeing all of your system specs, I think you may be overclocking your memory. Take your memory off the AUTO setting. Adjust the memory clock so that it is twice the FSB frequency. At a 333 MHz FSB, the memory clock should be 667 MHz.

    If you haven't yet, download CPUZ and use it to check the FSB :RAM clock. It should show 1:1.
  2. Could it not be his mobo struggling to reach over a 1600MHZ FSB?!?!?

    Looks Like The Mobo Just Can't Pull The Stats That his processor can

    So in conclusion: Yes Your CPU Probably will pull A 422Mhz FSB but your mobo Won't
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