Overclocking 32bit os great on 64bit os not so great WHY?

hope this is the right place to put this thread but trying to find out somethings i am running both windows 7 32bit and 64bit in dual on my system i have overclocled my amd 965 be to 4.2 runs stable on the 32 bit windows 7 runs 95prime 10 hours no trouble but when i boot in to windows 7 64 bit i do good to get 95 prime to run for more then an hour no trouble with heat on both OS the temps running 95prime stay within 50 to 52 c so what the trouble is it something in the chips that when running 64bit apps the cpu is workiing harder or is there a bug in windows 7 64bit and if it is a bug does microsoft know about it just wantting to know if anyone has any info please let me know
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  1. Woah there skipper. Punctuation and paragraphs help a lot with getting replies.

    Other than the difference in memory addressing, slight changes to the kernel, etc. there's not too much of a difference between the 32- and 64-bit O/S. Perhaps these differences are revealing a weakness in your hardware.

    It's probably a long shot, but have you tested your RAM from bootable media with a program like Memtest86+?
  2. ran some memory test useing everest with no troubles but i will give memtest86+ a try and see what i get
  3. Download 64bit edition of prime.
  4. daship said:
    Download 64bit edition of prime.

    running 64 bit prime on window 64 bit and the 32bit on windows 7 32 bit wonder if there is a diff in the two that may cause the problem
  5. Could be. Though you'd think that difference would translate into other having problems as well, which I haven't seen.
  6. yea its crazzy to me running really stable at 4.2 running windows 7 32 bit just dont understand why its unstable on windows 7 64 bit wondering if anyone else has this problem if so give me a yell
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