Won't Post? Graphic card or Motherboard?

Okay, just over a year and half a go (July 2007) I built my third computer.
Intel Q6600 2.4
2GB of RAM 1066
GeForce 8800 GTS 320
All put in the Antec P182SE Silver Mirror Case with a 650 Watts power
I don’t overclock any of it.

I do a dual boot with Windows XP Pro and Vista Ultimate.
I have never had any real problems with the computer. In Windows XP I installed the Asus Temperature monitor so I can see how hot things are getting. Most time at boot up it would be something around 85-90 Degrees F for both the Motherboard and the processor. (Give or take a couple of degrees)

After playing some game, it would jump to around 105-110 Degrees F for the motherboard. I guess I always knew the motherboard would get hot, but never seemed to get to hot? A couple of times in the last week I was playing the new Call of Duty in Vista, and it would just freeze on me, or end up crashing. I assumed this was my graphic card getting to hot? Nothing that would keep it from not booting up.

Then today I turn the computer on. Powers on fine, but nothing shows on the screen. (The screen turns on, but never gets a signal)
I did test the monitor on another computer and it works fine.
After trying different things, I realize I’m not getting any real post, like I can tell its not booting up (not reading of the hard drive) also I don’t get any lights on my Keyboard.

I first assume its my graphic card. The graphic card does have the fan spin and getting power? I took out the graphic card and put it back in. Or it could be my motherboard.

So before I go off buying a Graphic card? Is there anything else I can do to figure out the problem? ??? What problem am I going to have if I go install an ATI graphic card with out uninstall the Nvida drivers?

Please let me know!!!
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  1. If you can, get the graphics card from the other computer and use it on this machine (see if it posts). If it does, yeah, your GPU died.

    If it still doesn't post, maybe your motherboard or PSU is toasted.

    If the other graphics card is not compatible (if it's AGP), then go to a local Bestbuy, buy a PCIE graphics card and test your system with it (you can return it for full price later). Just some small suggestions.
  2. Clear the bios for 30 minutes.

    Remove the motherboard from the case. With only the processor, power and a beeper, check for beeps. Keep adding components and checking for beeps.
  3. The graphic card from the old system is AGP. I was thinking of getting a graphic card, but didn't want to if I don't need to.
    I was going to try these other tests, take out Graphic card see if it beeps at all. Do I really need to reset the BIOS for 30 mins?
  4. It might erase in 30 seconds. 30 minutes is guaranteed to completely erase any stubborn bios.
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