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i want to share something and need some comments
i buy 500GB HDD external with Seagate brand its about RM330 (Malaysian currency) .....when i only use for 2 month later it was broken and cannot function anymore therefore i got it to Seagate warranty company by the shop in Malaysia at SunwaY pyramid, conquest computer center

i got warranty my HDD external... but i need 83 days to get back my HDD external... is it normal??

and if after 83 days i get back it and the condition is find may be i can stay and keep silence

but as a result, what i have is my HDD external still not process yet and still cannot function anymore... in addition my HDD external's case is in terrible condition...

So what should i do with this problem....

This Seagate company may we trust again?????
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  1. Here in America, they return hard disks in 2 weeks.
    Insist that they return a new one in 2 weeks, because you need it. Call them.
    They are probably just going to scrap you old hard disk and send you a reconditioned one anyway.
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