Need Card for Hybrid CrossFire.

Hey guys..... I have an Asus M3A78-CM mobo which supports hybrid crossfire. I need a good graphics card for playing games at 1920x1080 resolution at medium settings. I also watch HD movies and have Vista Ultimate. Which graphics card do u guys suggest? Thanks in advance....
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  1. don't even bother with hybrid crossfire. they say that you get almost double the performance, but going from 4fps to 8fps in a game isn't going to make a whole lot of difference. i'd suggest just getting a real video card, like a 4650 or a 4670, or if your budget allows, a 4830./
  2. i agree with post above.
    at that resolution i would go with the 4830 or a 9600gt minimum.
    i would recommend 4870 or gtx260.
  3. But I dont have a very high budget. I can only spend 80$ on the card.
  4. take a look at this benchmark:

    while adding in a hybrid xfire card does boost performance, why would you want to play at 1024x768 on low graphics quality? it's just not worth it.

    EDIT: you could actually find a 4650 for around $80 on newegg.
  5. So which card do youy guys suggest? I want to play games like NFS Undercover in medium settings and I only have 80$ to spend on the card. Which is better for gaming Nvidia or ATI Radeon?
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