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i have the strip, i have a file called /
i had a raid array in o and decided to put a oobe insal on another hdd during the procces it has run disk check on restart then chdir and deleted the partion so the array will boot as seperate disk i assume because the controller atuo choose array as boot disk ,maybe i needed virtulisation enabled. i did manage to find tha partion with software but am not smart enough to reinstate it...there must be another log i could find that could help mostly i want back the mpeg2 files all the disk of orignals are now damaged ..shrug i am on vista 64 bit if anybody has,s not a matter of just using repair obvioulsy :)
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  2. Start over - i cannot understand what you're saying.

    You have a broken RAID0 array? Burn Ubuntu Linux from and boot from it, click Try out Ubuntu. Click Places, click Home.

    In the window that opens, can you see a "... GB Filesystem" on the left panel in the window that opens? If so, that should give you access to your data, if that is your concern.
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