Q9650 Core Temp readings

Hello all,
Long time reader, few times a poster.

I have a Q9650 that just replaced my Q6600, and it's temps seem to be strange.

@ stock
#0 40c
#1 32c
#2 32c
#3 33c

@ 400x9 3.6 stock volts
#0 40
#1 33
#2 33
#3 34

I'm wondering why that core #0 doesn't move ( although will go up when stress testing ) Should I re-seat the Meglahalems? Or is this ok? I searched this issue here on Tom's but the search doesn't seem to work here at work ( dern military internet limitations ).

Also some 3DMark06 scores shows the Q6600 @ 3.825 ( my best clock reached stable in prime 95, SCARRY volts though 1.425) with a higher cpu score than the Q9650 @ 3.6. Will be attempting when I get home tonight, to fix the temp problem with a re-seat ( using OCZ thermal compound now, may use my Prolimatech stuff which seems to be really nice. Just would like some guidance before I proceed, there seems to be a TON of knowlegable people here. Thanks in advance!

Also like to add the 5870/Q9650 at stock got a worse score (~17400) than my 2 3870's in crossfire (~18200) w/ the Q6600 @ 3.825. It increased to 18700 with a 3.6 OC from the Q9650. I hope to fix that as well by using ATI's driver instead of the Asus one that it came with.
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  1. Also would like to add that my ambient temperature ( due to wife in charge of the thermostat ) seems to be around 22+C although it feels hotter ( stationed in England so everything is in Celcius. Oh and my case is an Antec 1200 loaded with fans.
  2. its more then likely stuck on my 9650 its core 3 stuck at 39c its really common from what ive read with 9650s. seen a few post where they were complaining about two or three stuck cores.
  3. oh and just for comparison i copy/pasted this out of hardware monitor

    Hardware monitor Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650
    Temperature 0 40°C (104°F) [0x3C] (Core #0)
    Temperature 1 32°C (89°F) [0x44] (Core #1)
    Temperature 2 36°C (96°F) [0x40] (Core #2)
    Temperature 3 39°C (102°F) [0x3D] (Core #3)

    room temps are 75f/24c
    thats at 400x9 with cpu volts at 1.14
  4. I got home and same thing, with temps with a reseat and re-apply.

    Good news is..

    This puppy is at 450x9 ( 4.05 Ghz! ) at STOCK volts! I'm afraid to run prime95 :P, but ran 3DMark06 and got 21987 now. ( 3DMark06 seems to be VERY processor dependent ) anywho think imma take apart the 5870 ( it's the new Asus EAH5870 voltage tweak edition version 2 ) and see if i need to apply TIM. ATM it's sitting at 72C idle :/ didnt go over 81 in 3DMark test though. Wish me luck!
  5. You need to run Prime95 to test for stability. I'm guessing that you will need to increase the vcore. Stay under 1.45 volts - that's the absolute max that Intel recommends - and keep your core temps under 70 C.
  6. Ok, ran prime95 and... no fails? Either I'm lucky or not running prime95 right. Max 100% on all 4 cores, ran for ~ 5 hours while I was out of the house and max temp was 62C. When my new PSU comes in, I think imma push up the volts and go for a stable 4.2 on this puppy, maybe higher! Think I just got lucky like my Q6600. ( although the first core is still stuck at 40C and will not go lower, but it evens out at load.
  7. Oh and on another note, I placed a 3 speed Antec 120mm right under facing the 5870's intake fan and temps have settled down to 39-42C idle and while gaming is about 58C. Seems even though the card has an unobstructed path from my middle Antec 1200 fan, ( with the dust filter that is ) it needs more air to breathe.
  8. Well, seems 4.3 (9x485) is as high as I can get this puppy without going over 1.38 volts. Temps idle 40,37,37,38. ( That first core never has gone below the 40 mark ) Anywho, great CPU, really likeing its performance paired with this 5870 ( running @ 980/1300 ). Dunno how to close this thread as "solved" so any moderators able to do that for me, thanks in advance.
  9. if anyone can help. I have a Q9650 and I noticed that his core temps 36-32-37-37 on the iddle and I tested the cooler master hyper tx 2, cosmo cool 97 and 100 and again shows the same temperatures. I room temperature varied from extremely cold and extremely hot but again shows 36-32-37-37 on the iddle. Does anyone can tell whether the thermal sensors of this processor is wrong or something else? Thank you.
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