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i have a packard bell system not the best but it works when i use a programme called team speak when i play some games my audio breaks up as if im changeing the codec in the channel we are using and start to sound like a robot to some extent its a intermitent fault iv updated the drivers tryed everything i can think off and it still breaks my audio up for the most part the details of the system and mother borad are below ...


the audio is on borad and a realtec :
Realtek ALC 888 audio codec.
High Definition Audio subsystem.
7.1 channel support.

so any ideas what it could be ?? im thinking i need a new sound card but im looking to change the mobo any help plz
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  1. Check the settings in TS and make sure the proper sound input/output devices are set (should match control panel most of the time...). Also, if the TS server is laggy or has low quality codecs set for the channel you are in, that could also be the issue. Right click on yourself and check to see your latency while in server.

    Also, try the local test mode in the options screen and see if you can hear yourself properly. At the very least, this test will rule out any network issues...
  2. tryed all that and at times im ok and at times im not doing the local test.
    and the codec and the latencey are fine all in order and the device is set right
    in the input and output sections
  3. So sometimes the sound is OK, and other times its not?

    Did you try the HD drivers directly from Realteks site, or have you only used the PB drivers?
  4. yea tryed them both :(
  5. No yellow question marks in device manager?

    I'm stumped. Might be TS, or a possible buffer overload (my old 5.1 setup had issues, so I had to drop to 4.0 when using a Razer Barracuda...).

    Also, is it just sound input, or is output also affected? Also, does using a mic input from within a game working correctly.

    Again, I'm clueless, but maybe I'll think of something...
  6. no yellow marks its just my audio over ts everyone else come out to me clear
  7. I'm thinking its an issue with TS then; try using the mic test in Ventrillo and see if its microphone releated, or just TS being a pain.
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