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my buddy, who is usually great at helping me fix most of the problems on my computer noticed that my memory sticks were in slots 3 and 4 (which was correct for this particular board btw) and before i realized what he did, he switched to 1 and 3. now when i boot up on the first screen it says im running in single channel instead of dual and it is only using one stick of memory (1gb). can anyone help me out? both memory sticks are matching and 800hmz. i can post my dxdiag if it will help but i dont know if it will show anything that matters. thanks in advance! :bounce:
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  1. sounds odd but for the sake of simplicity just switch em back and move on
  2. i did and nothing, tried all the configurations i could think of. the color coding of the slots are 1 and 2 are yellow and 3 and 4 are red.
  3. hmm should have known that would be to easy. Go into bios and set all ram settings to default if your not sure what to do there should be something that says restore bios to safe settings that will serve the same purpose. Then test each slot with one stick and see what happens the repeat each slot with the other stick. At that point you should have found the problem be it the slots or the sticks. Do all slots both times in case there is more than one problem.
  4. alright so i did the following: went into the bios menu and set the failsafe defaults then proceeded to test the two sticks individually:
    A1: did not boot
    A2: did not boot
    A3: booted up
    A4: booted up
    B1: nope
    B2: nada
    B3: nothing
    B4: niet

    so I'm guessing stick b is busted then?
  5. thats what it looks like to me

    with the current price of ddr2 800 i would just get two matched sticks and save the your still working stick for testing and repairs
  6. thanks for the troubleshooting.
  7. no prob thats what this is here for besides i've been bored all day
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