Lag while playing COD4 with hd 5850

i seem to get alot of lag while i play COD4 with my hd 5850. i left the "optimal" settings on the only thing changed was the resolution to 1680x1050( its my monitor native resolutoin) any idea why? i didn't get this when i had my hd4870. i am using a core i7 860, evga p55 sli mobo, 4 gigs ddr3 (@2000Mhs) and a 550W rocketfish PSU.
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  1. Have you tried installing the latest Catalyst 10.3 drivers?
  2. wondering why you skimped on the psu when you got parts from higher end manufacturers.. haha.. check the drivers.. and check if psu is delivering
  3. Is it lagging only on the COD4? What about in other games?
  4. are you playing online, or offline? and whats you fps?
  5. Snap, wtf is a rocketfish lol.
    Maybe that psu is a bit worn out, but i play games at max [except crysis AA] at 2048 -1152, and haven't got any issues with fraps.
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