512MB DDR3 vs. 1GB DDR2

Hello, I just got a new computer and I'm looking to upgrade my graphics card. For the time being I cannot upgrade my power supply of 300W so I know that I can't go with the best graphics cards currently.

I've narrowed my search down do the GeForce 8600GT. But now im stuck on the memory. I found a 512MB DDR3 version and a 1GB DDR2 version. From what i've been able to find, the DDR3 memory is faster and uses less power. Which one should I go with?

I think the 8600GT is the best card out there with a 300W minimum, but if I'm wrong, please correct me or point me in the direction of a better card.

PC Specs:

-AMD Phenom 9500 Quad Core @ 2.2GHZ
-6GB DDR2 Memory
-640 GB Hard Drive
-Current Graphics (integrated) - GeForce 6150SE
-Windows Vista Home Premium 64-Bit

Thank you very much,
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  1. okay, i found this post http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/258504-33-4650-gddr2-4670-512mb-gddr3

    and it said that the 512MB DDR3 would be better, but does that still apply to the 8600GT?
  2. Go for the GDDR3 card, all that memory is only needed for higher resolutions (19X10) and above.
    Frankly, I`d go for a HD4650, it`ll eat a 8600GT and not even spit out its bones, although it`s rather more expensive on average, and, like the 8600, it does n`t need an extra PSU connector.
  3. As the poster above said, the 4650 does not require an additional power connector and will stomp a mud hole in the 8600gt, do yourself a favor and follow his advice. : )
  4. okay, thank you. I looked into the HD4650 and I've found in multiple places saying it need 350W and in others 400W
  5. what 300w psu do you have? if you a good branded psu like corsair and the lot then its enough, the ratings the usually give is for crappy psus
  6. I've done a lot more research and on Diamond's website, it says that the HD 4650 512 DDR2 needs 300W. There is a DDR3 version from Saphire that needs 400W, and other than that i can't find any other 4650 DDR3 cards
  7. Never mind a 4650, a 4670 runs with out extra power leads and is a whole new ball game compared to a 4650. What make is your Computer ? Its normally Dells that people say they cant uprate the PSU on. Dell are crap at a lot of things but the PSU's are solid units and should cope well enough. I wont go as far as guaranteing it but if it was my machine i wouldn't think twice about putting a 4670 in it, as long as its a dell that is.

  8. if that 300W PSU is somewhat decent, it wont be a problem running the DDR3 version of the 4650 card..
  9. its an HP, model number a6614f

    i can't find what type of psu is in it. the reason i can't upgrade the PSU is because I don't want to void the warranty (more specifically my dad).
  10. GDDR3 actually requires less voltage, its probably a Sapphire OC Edition.
  11. It would void the warranty to replace the PSU because we would have to remove the current PSU. It wouldn't void the warranty to add a graphics card because we currently have integrated graphics so we would only be adding a card, not removing anything
  12. well the thing of it is this i will give you the facts as i know them and let you decide for yourself.

    1. The PCIE slot on a motherboard is generally reported to supply 75 watts as standard, this means thats what the power supply should be giving to the slot. No other power leads needed.
    2. Even if thats off a bit the 4670 draws around 50 Watts under load http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/video/display/powercolor-pcshd4670-512mb_5.html#sect0

    The ball as they say is in your court.

  13. 1 gig of memory on an 8600 is a waste, it will drop to it's knees and squeal like a pig on bacon makin day before you could ever turn the settings up high enough to start using more than 512meg of memory.
    As other's have suggested, if you are gaming at all, you are much better off with a 4650, or again, if your power supply is a Dell, or a decent one, you can almost positively for sure run a 4670.
  14. Dont worry about HP's warranty anyways. If, and that's a HUGE if (Because they'll find what ever way they can to edge of out their warranties), you could just tell the technician who is overseeing your warranty process that it was never replaced. And it's likely HP wouldnt even notice if the system was sent to an HP warranty office. (Which either tends to be a certified PC shop that doesnt care, or a hired technician for in home service, that again couldnt give a damn.)
  15. Warranty depends on the vendor some are good some are bad. While some regard removing the side of the case enough to void it. I have been lucky enough to find a supplier who replaced my second hand GPU after it died and reinstalled the origonal and reinstalled all the software, and all for free under the warranty. 3 days before it expired :love:

  16. Diamond Radeon HD 4670 1GB DDR3 - http://microcenter.com/single_product_results.phtml?product_id=0298791

    from all that I have gathered here, this card should work, right? or should i get a 512MB version?

    and thank you everyone for all your help
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