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My comp is unfortunatly set up with a PCI only video card slot.I recently replaced my old one with a geforce 8400gs PCI 512mb ddr2 video card.I was wondering if the Radeon 4830 will work on my comp
and is it better than the video card i have
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  1. There is no 4830 for PCI.

    The best you can get for PCI is...well, that 8400GS.
  2. Oh that sucks. Thanks though
  3. 4830, lol.

    sorry m8, looks like 8400gs would be the best you could get with a PCI slot :(
    invest in a new mobo then ;)
  4. Someone told me this,is this true or false:
    PCI-E cards fit in pci slots,you plugged it in the wrong way

    Would that actually work,i know the new power supply i have has a pci-e
  5. no......
  6. Lol good one mayhem.
  7. lol......I didnt think so.It didnt sound right to me either :lol:
  8. You could always saw off the extra pins on the PCI-e card to fit the PCI slot. :D
  9. Thats brilliant why didn't i think of that. Buy another 4830 saw the pins glue them inside PCI slot and crossfire the devils.
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