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I am looking for a 120mm x 25mm fan which will look decent and move a ton of air while not being excessively loud(under 40DB). They will be on a controller and running lower/quieter most of the time but I want the option to crank it up(80-120CFM) without going deaf. What I need is basically this fan:


but not white... the rig I am building is mostly black and blue and has a huge window. Perhaps it is a bit vain but, imo big white fans would look awful. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Get a permanent marker and colour them black? :D
    Mind you, they're only at 17dB on low settings, having it on max may or may not bring it past 40dB. I have one 2k RPM Ultra Kaze, and two 2k RPM CM Sickleflows. They both say they're 32dB, but sometimes I can hear it over the gunshots when I'm playing F.E.A.R..
  2. Thanks Lmeow... I had searched newegg by selecting the 80+CFM category... went back and realized there was a "variable" category where I could look as well. I found several options which fit my criteria and seem to be fairly good quality:




    Consider this one solved unless you have another option which is both really great and really cheap. Thanks
  3. I want to know your idea about Ultra Kaze 3000 RPM? :sarcastic: Is 45.9 dB so loud? What happen if I use three of them in a case? I read a post in the other forum that said if we use fan controller in Ultra Kaze 3000 and reduce the speed, it would become louder :o .(is this correct?)
  4. green_tea said:
    They will be on a controller and running lower/quieter most of the time but I want the option to crank it up(80-120CFM) without going deaf.

    Yes, this is what I do too... I am in a Push/Pull configuration. I have the PUSH in PWM control while the PULL is connected to 3PIN header so control is manual. When I am testing some OC, I set the PULL fan max. TOgether with the PWM controlled fan, it cools my CPU to lowest possible temperature. The noise is loud but I don't care because during actual gaming, I set the fan to 50% and still does the job to keep temperature at target.
  5. you should check out the scythe slipstream 1900rpm fans


    they are 37dB @ ~110 cfm, and black! these are the best cfm/dB ratio I have found anywhere.

    as a side note, its 'dB' not 'DB' or 'Db' or 'db', it is a scalar prefix (one tenth of a 'Bel'), I know in this case I'm just being picky, but you wouldn't want to confuse say mW (milliwatts) with MW (megawatts)! :D

    I hope (at least the first part) of this response has been useful!
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