Radeon 4870 1gb red and green?

bought 2 sapphire radeon 4870 1GB today.. one is green one is red. any difference before install them.. going in seperate systems btw.
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  1. Dont get me wrong here , im not trying to offend you but do you have a color blindness issue ? I have seen Sapphire cards on a red PCB and a blue PCB. I have also seen an entire review which mentions a Green PCB but all the cards pictured are the Blue PCB. I have checked different reviews and as far as others are concerned its blue.

    Having said that, if the cards are the same as far as looks go, same fan etc then i would think its only down to colour and the cards are the same. What does teh packaging say ? if they both give the same clocks etc then i would be inclined to beleive them.

  2. my mistake yes one is blue other is red.. and yes the packaging seems all the same on box and card itself says the same ddr5, 1gb made in china. cool thanks for the help.
  3. OH no ! Disaster !

    The blues squeeze out left handed pixels and the reds are right handed .
    If you use these two in crossfire the pixels will hit in the middle of the screen and drop off .

    This is serious!
  4. Oh dear there is always one ^ :lol: Nice try at a wind up but im sure the op said they are going in differant systems

    Mactronix :)
  5. put the red one in the better system :) red always goes faster! and besides it IS ATI not nVidia! blood traitors!
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