Pentium III 100 MHZ Bus Will it Work with 256?

Sorry the title is wrong 100 MHZ bus has nothing to do with 256 KB.

I have the following motherboard. SUPER P6DGE

Spec here.

I would like to know if this processor will work for it.

The pdf manual says the following.

“Single or dual Pentium II 233/266/300/333 MHz processors at 66 MHz
bus speed or Pentium II/III 350/400/450/500/550/600/650/700 MHz
processors at 100 MHz bus speed”

Does this mean that any Pentium III with 256 KB is compatible?

Please inform me when it is written like this. "Intel, Slot 1, L2 256 KB" how do I decipher the bus speed value?

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  1. The Pentium 3 you are looking at in question is the 933MHz one that is at 133MHz bus speed. Going by your motherboard manual you can have a P2/P3 from 350MHz to 700MHz @ 100MHz. So the answer is a no by the looks of it. Good place to find info on the Pentium chip specs is to find the CPU info chart thing they have here on Toms Hardware. But I can't find it ARRRGGHHH!! They had it on here a while ago.
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