Quiet Drives for RAID 0

Im looking for some really quiet drives for RAID 0.

Im using Western Digital RE3 500GB at this point but they are less than quiet.

I have been looking at a few models.

The Caviar Greens

Samsung Spinpoint EcoGreen F3

Spinpoint F3 and F1 RAID

Would the green drives have a considerable chance of failure or should I get the F1 RAID edition?

Im worried about using consumer level drives. I have only used enterpise raid level drives since my bad experience with seagate, I had two seagate drives and I probably claimed warranty on each of them 4 times, I couldn't remember, they wern't even in raid.

Performance is kinda important but noise is more important since I download when I sleep. Im using a SSD for normal operations. I use the hard drives for video storage which speed doesn't matter for but I also install some programs on it like games I would play once instead of using my SSD so I need some level of performance.
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  1. I don't think the green drives would have a greater chance of failure, but they would have lower performance due to their lower RPM.

    I think a lot of the drive reviews mention noise level.
  2. A lot of tests do incdicate noise level but thats like on a test rig with the hard drive resting on a box.

    What I want to know is vibration level since that causes more noise than the hard drive whine. A 5400K HDD would have less vibration. I would want to use them in RAID if I can but I want to know how they compare to enterprise level drives for stability.
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