Liquid Cooling (Northbridge)

So i have Liquid cooling on my CPU, and i was wondering if i should extend my liquid cooling to my Northbridge and or southbridge because its only like $30 or so each to add another waterblock, and pluss my CPU only reaches 40c under a load. Does the North/southbridge produce enough heat to even consider it?

My mobo is
Gigabyte GA-MA770-ud3

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  1. I would say it really depends on your mobo. My XFX board, I have to increase the voltage to my NorthBridge in order to reach the clock speeds I am wanting. However my board has been proven to fry its northbridge under such circumstances, so for my situation liquid cooling is neccesary because of space constraints. However if your NB is not producing insane amounts of heat I don't think I would worry about doing it.
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