Will Megahalem fit?

I would like to use a Megahalem in a push-pull setup in my HAF 932 case along with Corsair dominator RAM. (CMD12GX3M6A1600C8) that I have at present. All six RAM slots are full.
Are there any tricks of the trade that will permit me to do this? (My detailed hardware configuration is listed under "More information")
Thank you for your suggestions.
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  1. i know it will fit in your case if you already have the v8 in there the onlything im worried about is with the push pull set up with the Megahalem you might be getting in the way of the ram i know if i had fancy heat sinks on my ran i could not get my CCF in while keeping all my ram on my board do to the fact that my ram is only 1mm away from bottom of the CCF so your ram will be the only problem that i can think of im running an amd board so i cant speak from exact advice but i know with most of the tower coolers and heatsinked ram dont like each other but hope i could help alittle i know johnny might be able to be more helpful then i am good luck
  2. Check this out. It shows two modes of installations. However, i find installation process for motherboards with 4 RAM slots. I do not know how it will fit in a full 6 RAM slot.


    What is your motherboard?
  3. randomkid, my detailed hardware configuration is listed under "More information"
  4. Okay. Saw a picture of your motherboard. I can see why you are having doubts... I guess you just have to make physical measurements of the spaces between those RAM slots and heatsinks and check Megahalems dimension against it. This is what I did when I was choosing my own CPU Cooler...
  5. http://www.glowfoto.com/static_image/15-053613L/6986/jpg/04/2010/img5/glowfoto

    Have a look here. This is the Megahalems with a 25mm fan and 6GB Corsair Dominator on an EVGA X58 SLI LE, whose CPU socket area relative to distance from RAM slots and NB heatsink. The guy just instead uses the clips sideways.
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