Palit GeF 9800GT differences

Although i'm fairly tech savvy I'm new to the graphics card upgrading game. I was wondering if anyone would be able to clear this conundrum up for me?

I'm looking into a the 9800GT card and there are two PALIT cards of similar price but different specs.

One is the: '9800GT sonic' (512mb DDR3 1900Mhz mem clock, 650Mhz engine clock)
The other: '9800GT super+' (1gb DDR3 1800Mhz mem clock, 600Mhz engine clock)

If anyone could shed any light on what 'actual difference' these differences make i would be very grateful.

FYI my system is a Core 2 Duo @ 2.33Ghz with 2gb of 800Mhz ram on an ASUS P5N-e SLI with a 650W psu.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Both use the exact same graphics chip .

    Palits sonic versions are factory overclocked and usually have bigger coolers to handle the extra heat .
    The 9800 gt super + has the 9800gt default gpu and memory speeds but adds more memory .

    Take a look at the graphics charts on this site to compare gfx power . The 9800gt is identical to the 8800gt . Same thing , new name .

    ATI's 4830 and 4850 are worth considering in that performance bracket . I have a Palit 4850 which is a quality build and since it has the same style double slot cooler as the 9800gt it runs cooler and quieter than the ATI reference model [ as does the Palit 9800 gt to the nVidia reference model which also has a single slot cooler ]
  2. Ok, thanks. I was considering an ATI but switched my focus back to GeForce because of the option to SLI it on my MoBo in the future if necessary.

    Any further opinions are welcome. I've seen the charts, and using CoD4 as the benchmark there's almost nothing between a 512mb and a 1024mb in terms of FPS (1024mb trumps it by 1.5 frames).

    So am I to assume that the OCd version of the 512 would top the standard 1024mb?

    (I feel like I need my brain overclocking to cope after studying this for such an extended period of time!! :S )
  3. The sonic is more powerful of those two cards .
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