OCZ DDR2 Platinum OC settings?

I have a gigabyte x48 DS5 mobo, Q9400 OC to 3.4ghz which seems stable w/vcore at roughly 1.3. I have 8gb OCZ ddr2 1066 platinum ram which is running in 2.00A which puts it at 830 mhz I think. timings are 4-5-5-15. ram voltage is around 1.8. Everything seems to run fine until a run Prime 95 and it freezes up my whole PC. I'm def a noob to OC'ing andf any advice would be great. I'd like to get my ram running faster but I dont want to fry anything. Ive also heard tighter timings are better than higher mhz, dont know how true that is. Any and all advice will be appreciated. Also I have an Enzotech Xtreme CPU cooler which kicks ass and have never seen my temps go over 50 degrees so temp is not an issue.
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  1. Please list all of your OC settings including multiplier, FSB, RAM speed, timings, ETC...
  2. 425mhz x 8, 1.28v, 8gb ocz platinum ddr2 @ 4-4-4-13 timings 1.9v 850mhz 2.00A
  3. i think 2.00B is what you want for the RAM, also, loosen those timings to 5-5-5-15 and up your CPU voltage to 1.31

    See if this works under a Prime 95 run, if it does, then try it again with 4-4-4-13, if that doesn't work, you'll know it was the timings holding you back, if it does work, you'll know it was the voltage holding you back.

    i think 1.36 CPU voltage is recommended max for the Q9400 so yo should be fine with 1.31
  4. So I loosened the timings and increased the cpu voltage and got prime to run with no problems so i tightened the timings back down and still no issues so far. I still need to run prime for a longer time to make sure the timings are ok. Just for fun I bumped up the cpu to 3.5ghz and my computer told me to F OFF! So Ill do some more tweeking to see how far I can go.
  5. sounds good, you're at least making progression!
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