What do I do with my old Physx Card

So I'm a huge nerd and got a physx card last year, but now that Nvidia added ageia physx processing to its 3d cards my GTX 280 pretty much makes it obsolete doesn't it? I can't even find drivers for this thing. Is there any reason to keep my physx card on my motherboard. Is there anything I can do with this? In the nvidia control pannel it will only let me enable phsyx on the GTX. Should I just strip the card out and forget about it?
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  1. Give it to the good will and they'll probably recycle the darn thing ^_^. I suppose you could keep it for now but it's probably at the point where it's faster to run the physx on your 280 than on your physx card. Really though you could probably sell it for a couple of bucks to someone who wants physx but has a Radeon card.
  2. eBay or Craigslist it.

    I think I saw them going on eBay for $50-60 the last time I checked (a month or so ago).
  3. You could keep it. Using the actual PPU for doing PhysX will take some of the pressure of the 280.
  4. How do I set that up? I don't see any options in the nvidia controls to allow the physx card to operate instead of the 280.
  5. seperate drivers? contact nvidia? in any case you may as well chuck it in there and let it run the F@H gpu client, assuming that works with the PPU...
  6. Keep it! Takes a load off the 280. I've done 50+ hours of research on PhysX the past 2 months and PhysX is here to stay, and a dedicated PPU is potentially worth it.

    http://www.nvidia.com/object/physx_8.10.13_whql.html - runtime update
  7. Thanks for the driver links Chris. I don't know why I couldn't find them on the website.
  8. Oh well that was strange. When I tried to run those updates, first one then the second, it says that 8.10.13 is already installed. I guess the latest 280 drivers have this software already included in the package. So is there a way to let the drivers know, "yes I do have a ppu and I would like to use it instead of the gpu" ?
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