Cpu fan speed on Asus P6x58D

Hi guys,

I have the thermaltake Frio on my asus p6x58D Premium. I've tried everything, and cannot get the motherboard to control the fan speed. There is a manual knob attached to the Frio fan. I'm thinking if I have that turned up to high, I should be able to get the MB to control the fan, but it doesn't work. If I hook that fan into a different chasis fan port on the motherboard, I can get the motherboard to control the fan speed. Any ideas on why the MB won't control the fan speed when it's plugged into the CPU fan slot?


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  1. Same issue (bump). Any ideas? It seems to run at a steady 1318 RPM - no changes ever - Q-Fan Disabled.
  2. Edit: Almost same issue - I have the Noctura U12P cooler SE 1366 edition, two fans - plugged into y-connector to cpu_fan control on P6x58d Premium - running stock settings with XMP enabled on motherboard. Have maxed it out on linx with cpu temp 63 degree C - Core temp 55c and case temp 35c.
  3. Anyone? Still can't get the cpu fan to drop.... someone ideas?
  4. Hi all.

    I'm resurrecting this thread because I can't find an answer anywhere else on the forums and I have the same problem.

    I have an Asus P6X58D motherboard with a Thermaltake ISGC400 fan, and I can't get the MB to control the fan speed. It sits at about 770 RPM or so. I've also tried the attachable manual knob, it appears to do nothing.

    Testing with OCCT's CPU test, the fan speed doesn't increase but the temp does :). The test stops at 80 degrees. Also note my BIOS is 1501.

    Any thoughts? :)
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