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I had a system that was running on XP from a single HD Sata.
The mother board & chip had to replaced so I bought a brand new build that runs on Windows 7 & a new SATA HD
There are old files & pictures etc on my old sata drive that i would like to gain acess to Copy them off & then reformat the drive as a spare.

I connected it up by a sata cable & get a message that i wasnt authorised & needed admin rights to acess. I am logged on as admin & wondered how i can gain acess to the drive.

Thanks for your help.
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  1. By default files in individual users' directories are protected from access. To gain access you need use an Administrative account and do these two things in this order:

    -> Take ownership of the folder and all the files within it.

    -> Change the protections on the folder and all it's files to allow "Full Control" access by the Administrator

    Both of these can be done through the "Security" tab on the folder properties dialogue box (right-click the folder and select "Properties").
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